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Review products you have already use in the past and win!

As you already know, reviews can help other people, like you and me, to deside if a product is good for them or not.

In CretanSoil we want our customers to have the best online shopping experience thus we count on your opinion.   

So not only you will help those interested in the products you will review, but you will also win a coupon of 10% extra discount for your favorite products.

You can compine it with other coupons, if you haven't use them already, or with your 10% first purchase discount coupon!


So how to do this George???

Simple... send us an email: which will contain at least 2 products reviews

  • Name of the product (copy and paste the title of the product or the url)
  • Title of your review (Choose whatever you like. e.g. Amazing Cream)
  • Text for your review ( Express your feelings with as much details as possible. e.g. I'm using this product for 2 months now and I am very happy. I have subsequently discovered many additional uses.. It is excellent for scratches, insect bites, sunburn and just about any other skin irritation or inflammation. It also appears to reduce the dark spots that appear on the face and hands as we age )
  • Your fullname (Real people means real reviews! e.g. George Sfirakis) 


We will then upload the review of each product and send you an email of your secret coupon code for your next purchase.  

You can always check the validity of the reviews if you visit the product page. At comments section find the review with your name.


Please note that you have to send us at least 2 products reviews to get the 10% discount coupon!

If you have any questions or need any help, email me at or use the chat on the bottom right of your screen.

Υου can now continue to add products in your cart.

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