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CretanSoil is a newly established company, with available services the promotion, online sales and exports of Cretan products. The idea started when we saw the need for participation of Cretan products in the worldwide market through one of the largest distribution channels, Internet.


The market is now global, and the globalization offers many opportunities and possibilities in any business that wants to penetrate in this market. Penetration has both opportunities and risks, so carefully steps must be taken for a company to succeed:

  • sales growth,
  • increase profits,
  • independence from the local market and
  • strengthening of the business name in the domestic and international market

All this of course if we take into consideration:

  • operating costs,
  • competition
  • bureaucratic procedures and
  • other challenges that exist and must be addressed.


The purpose of CretanSoil are collaborations with Cretan producers - suppliers to promote, sell and export their products using:

  • the most modern techniques of Marketing,
  • online sales and online presence,
  • personal visits and
  • participations in exhibitions.


The cooperation with CretanSoil in these areas can bring significant business results, including:


  • Payments by commission only when a sale is made,
  • immediate presence of the product or company in the global market,
  • lower cost than direct exports or online sales,
  • maintaining control of the product and the selling price,
  • advising on transport and targeted customers / markets and
  • information on procedural matters.


Growth in international markets is a long-term commitment to every business and requires a lot of effort, resources and time. If this be understood by any manufacturer - supplier, CretanSoil is at the disposal of every Cretan business for a perfect collaboration.


For further information or clarification, we are here for you and will be happy to discuss the concerns that you may occur and that we help in order to reach the desired result for you.


George Sfirakis

Email: | Tel:  +302841100781, +306944560738

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