Tzatziki оригинальный греческий вкус
Tzatziki original greek taste 135gr View larger

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92 - Tzatziki original greek taste 135gr

Tzatziki is Greek speciality, serve cold with grilled meat or chicken.Use for dipping or with salads.

No need refrigeration before opening.


Unigue Greek tzatziki in a 135gr jar.

Enjoy the unique Greek flavor as a dip, over bread and accompanying your dinner.

It doesn’t require fridge before you open it.

It is served as an appetizer , mainly accompanying roasted meat. It is a great combination with fried potatoes or squash. It can be served on bread, and as a titbit for ouzo or raki.To tzatziki is a common and essential component of souvlaki with pita bread.

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Tzatziki original greek taste 135gr

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