4 products for your total improvement from the first day (hair, face and body)
4 products for your total improvement from the first day (hair, face and body) View larger

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187 - 4 products for your total improvement from the first day (hair, face and body)

Imagine to use only 4 products and improve your body, face and hair from the 1st day of use. What you can get?

  • Hair Mask - Smoother and shinny hair enriched with olive oil and other bio active ingredients
  • Anti aging serum - Eliminate wrinkles (lines around the corner of your eyes) and have a smouther face - soft touch
  • Body butter - Hydrate and tone your skin - will have a velvet look - perfect smell
  • Foot cream - Freshness sensation and deep hydration to your feet


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I'm gonna get more

I don't understand how, but this pack works. 1st day is too much! Make it the first hours. Amazing feeling, amazing smell, amazing results. I didn't know those products but I said what the heck is below 50$ so I gave it a shot. There is also a discount in case you didn't know it. Ask them for it!

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This stuff really works!

Usually I don't write reviews for products, but I had to tell my story.

A friend from Greece recommended this web store to me, and I decided to order this pack because I couldn't find it anywhere else. Although I leave in US I ordered two packs: one for myself and one for my mother. I'm currently walking down the street and feel that everyone looks at me. And let me tell you the funny part, my mother told me exactly the same thing!! This stuff really works. My hair are already smoother and shinny, my face glows and my body smells beautiful. As for my mother, she wants to order again in case this pack ends!!


    Order once more!

    I have ordered in the past 2 of 4 of those products. They had amazing results. I just visit your store to order them again, but I'm going with this pack which has it all! Seems promising!!

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      4 products for your total improvement from the first day (hair, face and body)

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        100% Natural - Best Proven Quality Plumps Skin & Removes Fine Lines & Wrinkles Get A More Youthful Appearance from first uses Made in Greece - Crete inspired from ancient secret and proven recipes Take care your skin the way it should be treated and watch the unbelievable results

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        Prevent and Treat Tired Feet If you're experiencing tired feet, herbolice Foot Scrub cream will help you to slough away rough patches of hardened skin, to leave feet femininely soft, smooth and freshly fragrant. It contains, mint extract, olive oil organically cultivated and active organic Aloe Vera. It exfoliates the foot with olive stone granules. It...

        8,49 €
        In stock
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        The HerbOlive hair mask is:for dry and damaged hair cares for hair enriching it with nutrients olive oil organically cultivated and Crop offer your hair moisture, volume and elasticity.After shampooing, apply to wet hair and rinse thoroughly. Ideal for frequent use.

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        contains Vitamin E &

        9,90 €
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