herbolive avocado hair mask for repair
Herbolive - Avocado Hair Mask for Repair - 250ml(8.45 oz) View larger

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111 - Herbolive - Avocado Hair Mask for Repair - 250ml(8.45 oz)

Herbolive avocado hair mask is:

  • ideal for repairing all hair types,
  • cares for hair enriching it with nutrients,
  • olive oil organically cultivated offers your hair moisture, volume and elasticity.

Tip for use avocado hair mask from Herbolive experts: After shampooing apply avocado hair mask to wet hair and rinse thoroughly. Ideal for frequent use.



Herbolive came with a rich formula in this avocado hair mask that improves rough texture and makes hair sensuously touchable.

  • Helps repair extreme damage.
  • Revitalizes over-processed, coarse hair.
  • Helps prevent splits and breaks.  
  • Contributes in hair growth
  • Avocado oil beads add an extra dose of nourishment.

This herbolive avocado hair repair mask consists of two base oils.

Avocado oil that adds strength to the strands.  It adds a nice layer of protection, like a bonding action to the strands

and Extra Virgin Olive oil considered a miracle oil, its filled with all sort of vitamins that nourish the body as well as the hair. 

After shampooing with Bioaroma Natural shampoo for toning with olive oil & essential oils, slowly massage avocado hair mask from roots to ends. Leave in for 5 to 15 minutes, then rinse out for more luxurious luster. Use as often as needed. Rinse thoroughly.


This is by far the best avocado hair mask I have ever found. Yes, I know that's saying something and I've tried a lot. Use this intensive hair repair mask 2-3x a week depending on your hair's damage and you will see results within the 1st 2 uses. It completely restores hair, but give it at least 1-2 weeks to work its magic long-term. The fact that its 100% natural, great smell and lasts a long time is just a huge bonus. I've been using this as my intensive hair mask for over 2 months now. Once your hair is healthy you only need to use it maybe once a week, otherwise the protein will be too drying. BTW, I have mid-back to waist length brown hair that is fine but coarse and this makes it super soft, shiny and smooth. You will not be disappointed!!!


It absorbs into hair quickly and easily
Rinses out well and leaves hair soft
Helps with finger combing and detangling.
Hair feels healthier and scalp isnt left dry


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Amazing repair!

Hi! I wanted to review this hair mask because I cannot believe what just happened!! 2 days of use and I think i have different hair on my head. Amazing repair, no dry scalp, smooth and elasticity 1000%! Just order 2 more to have!

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    Herbolive - Avocado Hair Mask for Repair - 250ml(8.45 oz)

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