Herbolive Hair Hydro Mask Wheat for dry and damaged hair

110 - Herbolive Hair Hydro Mask Wheat for dry and damaged hair-250ml(8.45 oz)

The HerbOlive hair mask is:

  • for dry and damaged hair
  • cares for hair enriching it with nutrients
  • olive oil organically cultivated and Crop offer your hair moisture, volume and elasticity.

After shampooing, apply to wet hair and rinse thoroughly. Ideal for frequent use.



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Let me just get right to the point here... if you want your hair to smell and feel amazing all the time then buy this product.

It's A 10 minutes Miracle Hair Mask

  • This Hair mask for dry and damaged hair truly deserves a review for the results you will get after just 10 minutes of use, up to 5 times a week.
  • A couple of things to note - If your hair turning gray and/or colored, that have become very brittle, almost straw like and falling out, then this hair mask is for you!
  • If you have tried everything out there to try and restore it and nothing has worked give this hair mask a shot.
  • After one use you'll see an incredible difference in your hair. It will be soft, shinny and you will not pull out hand fulls of hair after you washed it.
  • If you have damaged hair and have tried it all and are on the fence on this one, I urge you to give it a try. Once you get your hair in shape you really only need to use the hair mask once a week, and a little goes a long way so it really isn't that expensive. I have not yet tried the herbal shampoo and aloe vera conditioner but am looking forward to trying them.

What our clients say:

"I have very dry, course, curly hair and this product made my hair feel so hydrated and shiny and soft! love it!!"

"i purchased this hair Hydro mask with olive oil and wheat and i waged my hair the next week, I LOVE IT. my hair was so soft and manageable. i repeat, my hair has never been this managable. i HIGHLY reccommened this product."

"Great for dry hair, color treated hair, brings back a smooth silky balance. Light fragrance LOVE IT and would highly recommend"

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Herbolive Hair Hydro Mask Wheat for dry and damaged hair-250ml(8.45 oz)