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628 - Propolis - liquid extract

The healing properties of propolis have been known since ancient times, during which they refer to as "black wax". Folks who thrived on the Mediterranean coast using propolis as a medicine, and had found the anti-inflammatory action.

Hippocrates recommended for the spreading ulcers and burns. Roman soldiers in their campaigns always had in their luggage propolis, while the Egyptians used it for embalming. Today propolis is widely used as a medicament, either as unchanged composition, either as a component of other formulations.

The main research documented properties of propolis are:


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antiinflammatory activity
It stimulates macrophage cell motility immune and suppresses some enzymes, which enable an inflammation developed.

Antiviral Properties
Propolis has wide antiviral range, while the activity of antiviral greatly enhanced in combination with the pollen and royal jelly. Has certified anti-virus, including influenza, H1N1 and I1N3.

antifungal properties
The antifungal activity of propolis has been confirmed practically against Candida albicans, Trichomonas vaginalis, coliforms and other bacteria, fungi and parasites. In parallel with the above, it has been shown that long term use of propolis not lead to the creation of resistant strains of pathogenic microorganisms, while destroying as easily pathogens have become resistant to antibiotics.

This property of propolis manifested by scanning of free oxygen radicals. At the same time, protecting vitamin C from oxidation.

immune effect
It has been shown that propolis stimulates and enhances the general and specific immune system, while increasing interferon, causing cellular and humoral immunity.

antihistamine action
Propolis, and together with the pollen, it helps in regression of the symptoms of allergies and gradual immunization.


Propolis is used as a solution in alcohol 95th grades. The user can take 20 to 30 drops (children 10) solution mixed with half a glass of water or milk, half an hour before the meal, up to three times daily (maximum of 3 x 10), and usually about one month. This shooting mode helps all the situations mentioned above.

Casings can someone rubbing the solution affected places 2-3 times a day and so is a kind of biological dressing. The solution by alcohol, causing temporary burning, but soon the beneficial effects of propolis relieves.

Unlike the known antibiotics (terramycin - penicillin - streptomycin), propolis has no side effects. Not adversely affect the flora of the gut and excreted by the body, without damaging the kidneys and liver. Generally after 5-6 days of use observed the first improvements in health, such as elasticity to the skin, stimulating the body, improvement of sleep and appetite.

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Propolis - liquid extract

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