bioaroma st. john's wort oil of crete
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177 - bioaroma ST. JOHN’S wort oil of Crete / 50ml

Bioaroma ST. JOHN’S wort oil contains the mixture of st. john's wort and olive oil.


The wort is known from antiquity as a powerful herb to treat skin problems and to strengthen the immune system. Today is especially effective for mental and neurological disorders.


The most active ingredient of the herb is hyperforin, for which  have been made many studies worldwide. The only herb that contains a sufficient amount of hyperforin is st. john's wort especially at the flowers of the herb.

Usage: It is used externally to relieve irritations, inflammations, various wounds, skin, muscular pain and hemorrhoids



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St. John's wort oil was the famous remedy of ancient Sparta, which healed their wounds after the battle, while the therapists of that era proposed it for the treatment of depression and stomach ulcers. Recognized for its many properties, ST.JOHNSWORT OIL manages to maintain as "essential medicine", from the earliest times to the present, despite the fact that it is not widely known where to find one or how to prepare it.

The sedge or wort, as the majority of the world knows, is the main component of ST.JOHNSWORT OIL which, according to Dioscorides , had antidepressant properties . In the U.S. , where high sales are recorded, after a ST.JOHNSWORT OIL program of ABC News, in June 1997, the ST.JOHNSWORT OIL was the alternative of ' Prozac ' for mild and moderate depression. In Germany ST.JOHNSWORT OIL, which is used as an anticonvulsant and for the treatment of insomnia , is often prescribed by physicians as a medicine of melancholia.

Among other, St. John's wort oil, contains hypericin and pseudo - hypericin , flavonoids (16 % in the leaves ), phenolic acids , essential oils ( 0.13 % in the whole plant ) . The analgesic properties of the herb was first said to be due to substances hypericin, pseudohypericin and flavonoids , but according to recent pharmacological and clinical studies, the results focus on a particularly active substance , the hyperforin. In homeopathy mainly used in neuralgia and nerve injuries and symptoms generally starts from nerve injuries , such as hair loss , depression and neuralgia.

St. John's wort oil benefits

Today St. John's wort oil is one of the most important herbal and natural products that assist human health . Sciatica , wounds , burns , bruises , stomach disorders , gastroenteritis , mild ulcers , stomach pains , joint pain , anti-inflammatory , antiseptic , antioxidant and many more properties rank among the most beneficial to humans botanical preparations.

Also, with ST.JOHNSWORT OIL you can rub or mild rub the pain area or you can even apply local patches with saturated gauze . It is also ideal for any therapeutic or relaxing massage - can be enriched with essential oils accordingly.

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bioaroma ST. JOHN’S wort oil of Crete / 50ml

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