Malotira - Cretan Mountain tea
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161 - Malotira - Cretan Mountain tea

Cretan mountain tea Malotira is also known as sidirochorto for the high content of iron. Helps in anemia, stomach pains, is ideal for colds, reduces triglikeridia k uric acid, blood pressure drops, used against osteoporosis. Malotira in Crete is rough, the leaves are fluffy white and the flower is yellow, in the rest of Greece Malotira color is green.


Greek Mountain Tea "Malotira" - from the Mountains of Crete.

As a herbal tea it has antiviral, antibacterial, diuretic, antioxidant, antifungal and anti-inflammatory qualities while it is a tonic, helps protect the immune system and combat colds and diarrhoea.

Cretan herbs have been known and recognized since antiquity and the Minoan age for their invaluable therapeutic merits,but also for their nutrients.  Malotira ( the word comes from two italian words: “male” meaning disease and “tirare” meaning to pull, because in Venetian Crete it was considered a cure for colds and respiratory problems) or Cretan Mountain Tea has been known since the age of Dioskourides (1st Century A.D), and took its botanical name (Sideritis Syriaca) from its ability to heal wounds caused by iron objects (sidiros is the Greek word for iron). 

This traditional herbal tea has for generations been the secret of Cretan families for health. Known locally as Malotira, our tea is very fresh and is absolutely worth a try.

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Malotira - Cretan Mountain tea

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