Bioaroma carob Syrup - ideal for sugar replacement-osteoporosis-weight loss
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71 - Bioaroma carob Syrup - 350 ml (11.83fl oz)

  • 3 times more calcium than milk
  • Rich in iron and phosphor
  • Ideal for osteoporosis, bowel malfunction, hair OR weight loss
  • Delicious way to give your children extra iron and calcium



  • Orange
  • Chocolate
  • Original Flavor

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First of all what is carob syrup and what are carob syrup benefits?

Carob syrup is extracted from cretan carobs. Carob is a naturally sweet bean-like pod that grows alongside small flowers on carob trees. Originally used as feed for livestock by the Greeks, its use and consumption expanded in all over the world. Its current use is more versatile, as it is typically processed into a cocoa-type flour that is used to flavor sweets.

By simply heating the carob fruit and passing it through fine filters, the process makes a clear sweet syrup, with a low glycemic index, which, gram per gram, has much more less calories than sugar, so great for anyone who wants to control their sugar intake, even diabetic’s.


As more people search for alternatives to sugar, our natural carob syrup is a the perfect choice for all and an ideal replace for sugar in cooking, baking, as a topping for cereals, on hot and cold desserts or in tea and coffee.


Except carob syrup is one of the best healthy sugar replacements, has more and very important benefits:

  • It contains 3 times more calcium than milk
  • is rich in iron and phosphorus
  • is very helpful in cases of osteoporosis and bowel malfunction.

Carob syrup is a healthy replacement for sugar that can be used as a natural sweetener in your tea, yogurt, in cakes, ice cream as a syrup, etc.

Because carob syrup is high in calcium and rich in phosphor, is ideal for:

  • osteoporosis
  • pregnancy
  • hair loss
  • and during childrens growing up
How Carob syrup helps you in weight loss
Carob syrup also is rich in insoluble dietary fiber, those fibers adsorb much water in the intestine and increase mobility, meaning that is perfect for:
  • bad digestion
  • constipation.


Because it's rich combounds, carob may increase fat oxidation and energy expenditure in our body. In other words, carob may help to burn calories from our every day life and fat from the body. It also has beneficial effects on postprandial lipid metabolism related to hormones in the stomach; this means that it helps to increase the metabolism by positively affecting the secretion of hormones in the stomach.


How to use carob syrup: 1 tablespoon daily is enough to fullfill your needs. You can just eat one tablespoon of carob syrup or you can add it in your coffee, tea, salads, ice cream or yogurt as a natural sweetener in order to use it daily. No alergies or sideeffects are known but if you have any health problems related to food alergies it would be better to ask your doctor before the use of any food suplement even it is 100% natural as carob syrup.


*General facts for carobs

Carob usually used as a substitute of the chocolate, but carob has its own unique flavor and is very nice for drinks, bars with nuts , bread products , even mixed with baked beans and barbecue sauces. Carobs are very different nutrients and chemicals from chocolate, in a degree that people who are allergic to chocolate can enjoy sweets carob. Carob products are an incredibly rich source of food, and are perhaps the perfect "food for survival" since it lasts for a long time, does not require special storage conditions and can be eaten without preparation.

As we already mention, it is rich in calcium, containing a 350 mg per 100 gr. Comparatively, milk - often regarded as an excellent source of calcium - contains only 120 to 130 mg of calcium per 100 gr, and these poorly digestible in the case of pasteurized cow's milk.

Furthermore, the locust not contain oxalic acid, such as chocolate, which tends to reduce the body's ability to digest calcium. Locust beans contain about 4 % protein and 76 % carbohydrates. Although it is very sweet , contain 60% fewer calories than chocolate. Moreover , they contain significant amounts of phosphorus (81 mg per 100 gr), and plenty of potassium (800 mg per 100 gr). Also contain amounts of sodium and iron , and is rich in vitamin A, B and many other metals .


*Historic facts for carob

Carob (or carob , the ancient Golden ) is the fruit of the carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua), which is an evergreen , native tree that thrives in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean and across the Middle East. The carob looks like fruit bean. When dried, it matures and becomes tan. Although today the white sugar has dominated the prepare fresh , up until a few centuries one of the most important food sweeteners in the world was healthy 'chocolate ', which grows on these trees . This " chocolate" supposed that fed John the Baptist during his stay in the desert , the prodigal son of the Old Testament when they were hungry and without money , but the troops of Muhammad. This fruit saved children from malnutrition during the Spanish Civil War and of course many people in Greece , during the German occupation .

Carob is known for its medicinal properties. Reports in medical journals in the 1950s showed that locust bean mixed in milk might help infants to digest their meals , stopping diarrhea . According to a study reported in Canadian Medical Association Journal, 230 infants with diarrhea , only three are not cured by the addition of locust bean powder nutrition. Carob is also used for the treatment and prevention of diarrhea in animals, and for the prevention and treatment of dysentery in humans. Substances pectin and lignin contained in locust not only regulate digestion , but have the ability to inactivate and safely transfer outside the body harmful components (even radioactive particles ) .

The seeds of the carob , because of their remarkably stable weight , used in antiquity as a unit of weight measurement for gold and gemstones Thus , the ancient name of Golden , and was familiar carat.


Osteoporosis treatment?

Hi! My name is Maria and I just wanted to let you know that 6 months now my level of osteoporosis get from 22 to 18 just by using carob syrup. I have consumed about 750 - 1 kg of carob syrup and I haven't use any other supplements.

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Absolutely amazing!!

I love carob, so I had to try this carob molasses. I was surprised by the flavor, which is nothing like carob powder.I think this will be great in homemade ice creams or in baking. It might even work well on meats. Go CretanSoil Goooo


    Best natural sweetener

    This molasses can be used in baked goods as a sugar or honey substitute, or in any number of ways, such as drizzled over ice cream, pancakes or fresh fruit. The flavor is sweet



      WOW we are totally hooked on this stuff. Heated, then drizzled over pancakes its divine. Good in smoothies. Good with banana. Good blended with a little honey or agave nectar. Good in coffee, Good in everything!!! I believe its the best sugar alternative!


        Energy and taste

        After I placed my order I received in a few days. i havent tried it before but when i tasted it is really delicious. i love it. i will reorder. i recommend it to everyone who needs more energy


          Top chocolate syrup replacement

          Amazing over ice cream. The flavor is sweet exactly like chocolate syrup!! I'd like to tase orange flavor too!!

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            Bioaroma carob Syrup - 350 ml (11.83fl oz)

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