Cretan Thyme Honey is the original Cretan honey
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185 - Cretan Thyme Honey - 0.5 kg

Cretan Thyme Honey is the original Cretan honey. It is special because:

  • it is 100% pure, unrefined and unadulterated
  • with intense, distinct aroma, flavor and texture,
  • rich in vitamins, amino acids and nutrients.


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The Cretan thyme honey is unique because of the Geographical position of our region. Crete is the southernmost island of Europe with long periods of sunshine. This is one of the reasons for the existence of many rare herbs from which the bees are able to feed.


Some of these herbs are: dittany, aladania and asprothymos or white thyme, that grow only in the mountains of Crete and transmit their rich properties through the bees in the honey, making it a healing and healthy solution available only in Crete.

Because the consumption and unique ingredients , enhances our health , the Cretan thyme honey is considered unique and the first choice of thousands of consumers throughout the world . Notable is that our military services procure natural honey as a basic nutritional supplement for soldiers (Reference in Greek). This shows how nutritious it is!


It is understood that the thyme honey is processed using a natural way, without high temperatures destroy its vitamins and no added sugar is used.

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Cretan Thyme Honey - 0.5 kg

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