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7 - Bioaroma anti acne moisturizing cream - 40ml (1.35 oz)

Bioaroma anti acne moisturizing cream with tea tree, bergamot and geranium The first 100% effective herbal acne cream. It balances oil production and gradually restores the lost moisture on the face by hydrating the skin.



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The first effective 100% natural cream against acne. Applied as the 24 hour face cream. Balances the oily skin by controlling the sebum emission and gradually brings back the lost brightness of the face. Researches have proven that the combination of the precious ingredients that it contains, acts like an antiseptic therapy, cures the skin and fights the pimples.


Follow the steps below in the morning and in the evening for guaranteed results. 

1st step: Wash every morning and evening your face with the soap, with natural sea sponge and lemon essential oil. Lemon has antiseptic properties; it cleans the skin from oil remains while at the same time the sponge regenerates the skin cells making it look healthier at once. (Furthermore it would be very effective to use some kind of homemade lotion with lemon essence oil).

Recipe: In 100ml of water add 30ml lemon juice – which you have already distil – 1 drop of lemon essence oil, 1 drom of dictamnus essence oil, 1 drop of tea tree essence oil, and half spoon of aloe. Spray daily in the morning and in the evening after cleaning.

2nd step: Drip a few drops of insoluble tea tree essence oil on the pimples and watch them dry out at once.  The tea tree essence oil will dry out almost instantly but its strong antiseptic properties lasts for hours.

3rd step: Spread a very small quantity of cream all over your face and massage softly. You may apply the cream under the eyes since it is 100% natural and you don’t need another one. Wait 2 minutes until it is absorbed.


4rth step: Remember to use aloe gel for extra moisturizing, to heal pimple marks and as an anti-inflammatory for red marks and for a mat result.


*Tip: perform face peeling once every week, using the 100% natural peeling since peeling treats pimples even before it appears. Peeling is the only procedure which opens the pore where the oil and the bacteria build up and removes the dead cells from the skin. For a skin with pimples apply the peeling with soft moves in order to clean your skin. A mask with green clay would be ideal to apply on the face after the peeling for full treatment against oily skin.  

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Bioaroma anti acne moisturizing cream - 40ml (1.35 oz)

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