Bioaroma Anti-stretch Marks Cream

22 - Bioaroma anti stretch marks cream - 200ml (6.76 oz)

Bioaroma anti stretch marks cream contains labdanum, balsam, caritte butter and calendula oils. This unique cream with its 100% natural ingredients really helps in tightening the skin and preventing from losing elasticity excluding the possibility of stretch marks. Even if stretch marks exist, the cream is really effective in reducing their size and fading their color. 



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Beeswax, karite butter, balm oil, as healer, alabdanus extract and a mixture of essential oils which the bioaroma anti stretch marks cream contains, offer really deep skin tightening mentaining perfectly the elasticity and making her more resistant against “jerks”, disabling the possibility of stretch marks appearance. If it is used to treat stretch marks, the tightening and the reconstruction of the skin is really impressing. The stretch marks which are already present decrease significantly, their size is reduced and they start to fade out.

In both occasions it is recommended to use the cream on a daily basis.


Stretch marks: Treatment and therapy.

Tip: After our personal experience we suggest that you should remember 2 rules to get rid of the stretch marks:

1st rule PEELING (to get rid of dead cells, it is like digging the skin to bring in surface the dead cells).

2nd rule MOISTURIZATION (to bring back the lost elasticity of the body)

Application of the rules is simple: Peeling with luffa soap sponge daily and moisturizing with the anti-stretch marks cream.


1st Step

Use luffa for peeling and regeneration of the cells during your daily bath or shower.

2nd Step

As soon as you get out of your bath, and while the pores of the skin are still open, use the anti-stretch mark cream. Massage the area using a good portion of the cream for about 8 to 10 minutes.

3rd Step (optional)

When you finish the massage, apply a very small quantity of aloe vera gel for instant absorption of the cream, especially during morning time, in order to avoid possible marks over your clothes.

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Bioaroma anti stretch marks cream - 200ml (6.76 oz)

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