Bioaroma Deodorant cream
Bioaroma Deodorant cream-40ml (1.35 oz) View larger

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28 - Bioaroma Deodorant cream-40ml (1.35 oz)

Deodorant Cream for feet and under arms.(bad smell,fungi,wounds)With beeswax, savory, mint, tea-tree.



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Deodorant Cream for feet and under arms

It regulates the secretion of sweat and relieves foot and under arm odor. The peppermint essential oil gives a continuous feeling of coolness and rest while the tea tree essential oil treats effectively fungal infections.


Treatment for Fungal infections:

You need to combine  this cream with tea tree oil.Easy to use. Drip a few drops directly on dry skin /nails. After a few seconds apply the cream. Wash your hands well after applying cream to avoid fungal spread. Repeat twice a day .In a week we guarantee amazing results.

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Bioaroma Deodorant cream-40ml (1.35 oz)

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