Physis of Crete Extra virgin olive oil tin
Physis of Crete Extra virgin olive oil - 250ml (8.45fl oz) View larger

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94 - Physis of Crete Extra virgin olive oil - 250ml (8.45fl oz)

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means makes  Extra virgin olive oil special!


  • Single variental : 100% Korineiki variety
  • 100% natural
  • Acidity less than 0.3%



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In Extra virgin olive oil we use

a single variety (koroneiki), high quality, extra virgin olive oil, from sunny cretan land, with balanced character and rich flavor. Delicate, so  and delightfully fruity, holds for the finish a discreet peppery a ertaste which surprises pleasantly.

How to use  virgin olive oil

Will be combined ideally, raw, with fresh salads, fish and legumes while cooking light, will bring out the flavor of vegetables, pasta and meat.


The olive tree is everywhere in Crete. The trees are perfectly adapted to the climatic and soil conditions of the island which is responsible for the production of high quality olive oil, with reputation and appreciation throughout the world .


The nutritional value of Cretan olive oil has been scientifically documented through surveys and it's distinctive golden color that has the delicate scent, the light fruity flavor and thick texture, combine perfectly in the Cretan olive oil, which by the time of the ancient Minoans as the nowadays, is a major component of the Cretan diet , which has become a global standard healthy diet.


The food and recipes containing Cretan olive oil , have incredible taste and simultaneously enriched with the properties of the cretan olive oil so that it is perfectly healthy with too many nutrients .


How olive oil helps our health ;

Olive oil is the heart of Mediterranean food chain , which has proven to be a healthy diet and longevity factor worldwide .

The beneficial properties of olive oil lie in chemical composition . The oil consists of oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic and stearic acid and of phytosterols in a very small percentage. From these ingredients, important for humans is linoleic acid , the lack of which leads to a series of failures, such as growth retardation , metabolic disorders etc.

The oil contains 60-80 % monounsaturated fatty acids which are much more resistant to oxidative processes compared with polyunsaturated contained in seed oils.


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    Good taste in food!

    If you need an extra virgin olive oil for general cooking and baking this is a good product as it does not change the flavor of your food much. It does add a nice buttery flavor to onions and bell peppers. I get a lot of compliments when I lightly simmer those ( finely chopped) in this oil for about 3 mins on low heat then let them sit covered in a skillet, sprinkle a little salt and you are done.



      This oil tastes good enough for whatever you use olive oil for--salad, bread, pizza, pasta, baking, and sauteed vegetables!

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        Physis of Crete Extra virgin olive oil - 250ml (8.45fl oz)

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