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"If people lived and fed properly, there would be no diseases"


Hi, I'm George Sfirakis. 

I am from Crete - Greece and for years now I am a big fan of natural beauty and health. I believe in nature, in fact I LOVE nature, and the way can take care of our internal - external health and beauty.

Give it a thought...everything and everyone started from mother nature! Τhe most pure cosmetics, remedies and food, with tremendous results in our body, physical and mental health, are found in nature! 

With all those things in mind, I would like to let you know that you are buying your natural products from Crete, an island with:  


  • rich variety in herbs (over 130 species of medicinal, cosmetic, aromatic etc.) including rare ones like dittany and malotira,
  • the best quality of pure olive oil also known as the "champagne of olive oil", because of the rich Mediterranean soil and geographical position that olive trees grow and exist 
  • amazing history and friendly people. 
You have already start to create beautiful images in your mind right now... That's good of course! Continue by adding that:


  • This is where CretanSoil is situated and is dedicated to providing you with the best service possible!
  • All products are using proven local, old, precious and rare remedies, known since the Minoan era and
  • Best Quality raw materials and natural production process (NO CHEMICALS) to protect yor body from chemicals. 
  • We will continue to strive make CretanSoil your first choice for buying the best natural products, fast shipping, and superior customer service.
  • We've partnered with the best Cretan natural products producers to provide you 100% satisfaction guarantee as far as it concerns the amazing results you will get using those natural products!

Listen! For us, natural beauty, natural health and whole body natural care is a MUST!
We hope for you too!

We are here every day to help you and to provide an easy to use and secure on-line shopping experience.

Below you can find some videos for Crete and Crete history. Where we come from and our hospitality.

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