If you have an acne problem this is the right care routine

If you have an acne problem this is the right care routine

If you have an acne problem this is the right care routine

Acne scars, commonly pimples, are the most annoying for female skin as they limit it to many things in both daily care and makeup. This means that as many as you have pimples and are not teenagers (do not discriminate at any age), you should use formula-specific care products while not using makeup formulations that aggravate the problem.

You are most likely to think that many different products are needed to deal with the issue from all sides. Great mistake because in the case of acne it is right to use few and carefully selected, in a specific way and discipline.

And we start with the first and most important thing that is daily cleaning: It is right to wash morning and evening face and neck with soap or light gels which the dermatologist has suggested. Under no circumstances do you use hard exfoliants since they are most likely to "injure" the skin and to God never, never rub the skin. All your moves must be particularly gentle and careful.

Regarding hydration again you should consult the specialist. Even if you prefer to choose a moisturizing lotion only from the pharmacy, you should look at its composition to make sure it contains glycolic, salicylic or lactic acid. These acids are best suited to addressing the problem.

Chapter Sun Protection: Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the skin and you know it. Imagine how much the skin is experiencing an extra problem like acne. As you can understand, you never come out of the house winter-summer (and the rest of the year also) without your sunscreen with a particularly high protection index.

Moral lesson: The products you need are minimal, which means that the daily routine for you is a piece of cake!

We suggest you:

Bioaroma anti acne moisturizing cream with tea tree, bergamot and geranium The first 100% effective herbal acne cream. It balances oil production and gradually restores the lost moisture on the face by hydrating the skin.

and then you can use bioaroma face peeling with lavender grains, grape seed oil and ylang-ylang essential oil. Removes dead cells and takes care of the fHoace.

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