Hair Loss: The 5 Mistakes You Make

Hair Loss: The 5 Mistakes You Make

Hair Loss: The 5 Mistakes You Make

Hair Loss: The 5 Mistakes You Make

Although there is a way to treat hair loss, very often instead of helping you unwittingly make things worse. See the 5 mistakes you make and contribute to hair loss.

1 You have stress

"I'm going to stay in bed," "I'm gonna lose my sex appeal," "my colleagues and friends will mock me" ... come on, admit it. These are the first thoughts you make on your despair and panic when you see the first hairs in your pillowcase and collar. And somehow, confidence is falling, anxiety is on the rise and hair loss persists - as stress is known to be one of the factors that favor seasonal hair loss - so you will need even more time to get rid of the problem. Is not it a shame to lose your temper?

2 Use the dryer very hard

Difficult to put it with the power of habit. But every time you go out of the shower and get the hair dryer, you weaken your hair protein and do not help your hair stay in place. If you experience hair loss, try at least in the days when the weather is better or you do not have to go out straight away from home to let your hair naturally dry.

3 You put many styling products

We all like to like it. But is it worth sacrificing the health and strength of our hair for a little hair styling above? These products, when used for a long time and for a long time, weaken and damage the hair by making the hair dull, dull and downward. Therefore, if you have symptoms of hair loss, it is best to restrict styling as much as you can or, if possible, avoid it completely.

4 Brush your hair in the wrong way

Few know it but the method and the brush with which we brush our hair can make all the difference in hair loss. The familiar "top-down" movement is violent to the root and weakens it, since when the brush reaches the edges where the hair tends to get more tangled, we exercise more power. The right way is to first brush from the waist down to undo the knots - holding the confused tufts for resistance - and then starting from the top of the scalp with downward movements. Then, of course, we comb in and out, ideally with a natural hair brush rather than synthetic. Also, in wet hair better to prefer comb instead of brush.

5 Select the wrong shampoo

If you believe that the common shampoo you use in your everyday life is a pleasure to use and now, at the time your hair is weak, you have to think again. Hair that suffers from hair loss is in need of specially formulated products, with specialized formulations that strengthen the hair follicles and enhance hair growth. In fact, they need not only a trichotonic shampoo but a complete range of care that will multiply and drastically fight the downward direction of your hair.

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