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BIOCRETANLIFE company with production and trade of aromatic herbs and ALOE VERA Barbadensis Miller the end of 2012 began working with chemical, bottling, juicing aloe vera, Carob, energy drink with the unique Cretan features MINO TAVRO, unique Cretan ice tea DICADO with burning bush and antonaida.

In March 2013 started the production of an innovative product, ALOE CAROB SYRUP (enclosing the properties two leading healthcare products and longevity -the aloe and carob) and has contacts for exports to America in cooperation with homogeneous operator in Bulgaria with network health and beauty shops. At the same time does not leave the target for creating works -in collaboration with a group of investors and producers, for the vertical production aloe vera products on the health and beauty.

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  • Aloe Vera juice can be used to drink it. (1tbsp 2-3 times a day) You can mix it with any juice you like and make a healthy and full with vitamins drink that you can say that it's a full meal, with 200 different useful ingredients inside. You can also use it to produce home cosmetics.  Aloe Vera juice It is not recommended for pregnants and people with...

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  • In summer we have many burns from the sun. So we thought, why not draw the product that can relieve some of the pain of the burning sun! For this product we released EMERGENCY SPRAY, you can have each one in his bag for emergencies.

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