Bioaroma Eye cream
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76 - Bioaroma Eye cream-25ml (0.84 oz)

Bioaroma eye cream with beeswax, dittany, laudanum, myrtle extract.



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Bioaroma Eye cream

The ancient Myrtus or Myrtle, was a tree sacred to the gooddess Aphrodite and was a symbol of beauty and youth. Myrtle  fruits are rich in essential oils with great anti aging properties. The combination of myrtle with labdanum extract , dittany and beeswax, acts as a natural ''weapon'' against skin aging. It reduces deep wrinkles and makes skin look younger.


Take a small amount from the cream using your ring finger. The ring finger is the smoothest and least used of your fingers, so it will glide against your skin lightly. Dab gently around the eye area . Start near the bottom-inside area of the eye, near the tear duct and work your way around your eye until the top-outside corner. Repeat until cream is absorbed into the skin. This is a very gentle touch. Try not to rubor pull at your skin.


Tips: The use of anti aging eye serum with aloe vera gel, dittany, laudanum and wild rose extract is recommended before applying eye cream for visible wrinkle reduction.

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Bioaroma Eye cream-25ml (0.84 oz)

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