bioaroma anti aging Face Cream- best natural botox alternative
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4 - Bioaroma anti aging face cream - 40ml(1.35 oz)

Bioaroma anti aging face cream is the best natural Lifting cream.

Has intensive anti-aging, firming action without side effects. Studies have shown that beeswax is a unique natural treasure because of its anti-wrinkle properties.

Bioaroma in Crete - Greece, created this natural remedie for firming results, without side effects using 100% herbal ingredients, based on research and archaeological finds that have been past down from generation to generation.

Bioaroma's aim is to take the bounty from the earth we cultivate, together with the traditions of our past and offer a handmade product with the distinct identity.



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Research has proven than natural wax from bee constitutes a unique natural treasure for producing cosmetics due to it’s anti aging properties. This is why bioaroma use it as the main product to create the best natural Firming-lifting cream.


By enriching the bioaroma anti aging cream with beeswax, aladanus extract, a herb known from the ancient times for its anti aging properties, and other precious and unique 100% natural ingredients, the surface of the skin regenerates and regains its resilience thus giving to the skin a deep anti-aging care.


Natural anti aging cream application:

Face preparation (required for tired skins)

  1. Wash daily your face with the soap using natural sea sponge with rose.
  2. Spray once with bracing lotion with rose and dictamnus. Swab until it dries.
  3. and a very important step: Perform face peeling (on a wet face) and insist more at the areas where wrinkles appear. Preform peeling twice a week.
  4. Spread the clay mask on your face mixing some aloe together with the water (in the edge of a spoon).
  5. Drip 1-2 drops of tea tree essence oil over your face and spread with soft moves until it evaporates. This is a new secret to tighten the face, the neck, even the stretching marks.


Bioaroma anti aging cream application for natural lifting treatment:

Natural face lifting from bioaroma

  1. Spread a whit of aloe on a clean face and massage. Always upwards.
  2. Spread a whit of anti-aging cream on your face (same size as a lentil) and begin massaging from the neck until the cream is absorbed, day and night. You may spread again a very small quantity of aloe for mat result.
  3. Finish the natural lifting treatment by spraying once your face with the face tonic lotion with rose and dictamnus.

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Bioaroma anti aging face cream - 40ml(1.35 oz)

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