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Herbolive Κρέμα Τοπικής Εφαρμογής Με Αιθέρια Έλαια & Εκχυλίσματα Μεγέθυνση

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578 - Herbolive Κρέμα Τοπικής Εφαρμογής Με Αιθέρια Έλαια & Εκχυλίσματα

Κρέμα υαλουρονικού υμενίου με σύμπλεγμα φυτικών εκχυλισμάτων, αιθερίων ελαίων, μενθόλης και κάμφορας που βοηθούν:
Στην ανακούφιση μυϊκών πόνων, συμπτωμάτων κρυολογήματος, καθώς και στην προθέρμανση αθλητών.
Εμπλουτισμένο με βιταμίνη Ε, απορροφάται άμεσα με ευχάριστη μη λιπαρή αίσθηση. Περιέχει : 100ml


10,90 €

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This stuff really WORKS! I have bad scoliosis with chronic lower back muscle tightness, my "hump" I call it. The pic attached is an XR of my spine. I receive nerve blocks and nerve burns. I have tried ALL the prescribed external lotion, ointments, etc. Like Voltaren gel, lidocaine patches, bactroban, and even a special compound cream that only a few pharmacist in the US make. And believe me....this works better then all that other crap. Plus a heck of alot cheaper. Being an RN that works 12 hours shifts, I'm on my feet most of the day and bending, lifting, etc...not the best for my "broke back", I know. But I rub this on my "hump" first thing in the morning, let it dry before I even put on a shirt, then I'm good to go for the rest of the day. Not pain free but I can definitely tell when I forget to rub it on. BUY IT!....you won't be disappointed! AAAAA++++++


    Works great

    Relieves muscle pain fast,. Doesn't come back.would definitely recommend it to everyone.


      If you have joint or muscle pain, this stuff is a must have!

      Pain Therapist

      Amazing amazing amazing is all I can begin with. I think I was born with leg pain, as evening arrived and night began I tried all kinds of gymnastics and vertical poses were frequent and used to tie up my leg to relieve it of pain. From pain killers to sedatives nothing worked. A relative had got this as a gift from her friend how visited Elounda in Crete this summer and gave me to use last night.


        Amazing cream

        This product is the best omg you can just feel it working as soon as you put it on. If your in pain this what you need.

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