Bioaroma Aloe Vera Gel - natural moisturizer - healing burns
Bioaroma aloe vera gel - 40ml (1.35 oz) View larger

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90 - Bioaroma aloe vera gel - 40ml (1.35 oz)

Aloe vera gel by bioaroma contains

  • essential oil of lavender 
  • and dittany of Crete (origanum dictamnus)

Benefits for you

You will get extreme results for

  • deep hydration (natural moisturizer for body and face),
  • healing burns (sunburns, burn injuries etc)
  • and insect bites.



Why to buy this aloe vera gel?

Well... this 100% natural Aloe Vera Gel by bioaroma with essential oil of lavender and dittany of crete, offers

  • extremely deep moisturizing of your face/body
  • and rich healing action.


Watch how to use aloe vera gel to heal burns or wounds.


How it does the trick?

The essential oil of Cretan dittany is mixed with aloe vera gel in order to enhance the healing and firming action while lavender essential oil is fantastic for soothing action (intense irritation, redness of the skin etc).
So except for a perfect natural moisturizer for your body and face,

is ideal for outdoor use in burns, especially from the sun and insect bites.

VIDEO - How to use aloe vera for skin and insect bites

The smooth touch on your skin will delight you .

Cools amazingly and dries instantly.


Aloe vera tips :

Aloe vera gel can easily combined with all the facial or body creams.

Beyond the benefits we already mentioned, you can use it as powder. Ιt dries instantly and leaves a matte finish .


Apply a minimal amount of aloe vera gel every morning after your facial cream - All bioaroma creams are concentrated and they are not contain water (Remember that water is the cause of microbial growth and cause dangerous addition of chemical preservatives in creams).


So use the aloe vera gel after the cream, to fill the feeling of moisture and coolness and complete care of your face. Deeply moisturizes and tightens the skin. A Good tip is having the cream as a base before application of aloe vera gel, since it dries and leaves a pulling sensation.

All bioaroma products are made with 100% natural ingredients .


All good

It calms the redness and dries without leaving a sticky film on the skin.



    The feeling of coolness is amazing and I feel my skin tights asap. Reccomended 100%


      Aloe minimizes age spots

      Customer reviews are a major factor of why I buy online -- I like the first-hand user reports, and many of my purchasing decisions are based on these. I like this product for the following reasons:
      1) It diminishes age spots! I have a fair, freckled Irish complexion that tends to be too pink and flushed, and, with time, has brought on age spots and reddening of some freckles. I read online for "home" remedies of age spots that aloe vera works. I tried this gel and have seen tremendous results on my skin. Not only has it solved the red, flushed appearance and reddened freckles, but also it has diminished the brown age spots. I think it's a tremendous product, especially compared to the other expensive products I have tried, and this one really works for me.
      2) I use the product on my feet because of dry and cracking skin, especially in winter. It softens them and actually heals the skin. Aloe is hailed as having anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and healing properties. For anyone who fights these issues on your feet, I would strongly recommend at least trying this product. There is also a Vitamin E formula by the same company that I have tried.
      While we should all be concerned about the chemicals used in modern-day products, the fractional amount in this product coupled with the fact that it can be used very sparingly--a little goes a long way compared to ordinary hand lotion--I think it's not a safety hazard, at least to me. I have found that radical changes to my diet have had the most beneficial and long-term results on my health.


        Everyone needs a small jar of aloe vera or more in their home at

        This product is a necessity in my home. There are so many uses for bioaroma aloe vera gel that it hard to know where to begin. I "discovered" this one year ago when I burned myself badly frying something. My mother asked if I tried aloe on the burn to cool the fire. I didn't expect the aloe to work since the burn was almost 4 hours old before I put bioaroma aloe vera on it. Was I wrong! Almost immediately the aloe cooled the fire of the burn and remarkably the blister even began to decrease in size.

        I have subsequently discovered many additional uses for this product. It is excellent for scratches, insect bites, sunburn and just about any other skin irritation or inflammation. It also appears to reduce the dark spots that appear on the face and hands as we age.

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          Bioaroma aloe vera gel - 40ml (1.35 oz)

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