7 Secrets for the best shave this summer

7 Secrets for the best shave this summer

7 Secrets for the best shave this summer

One of the most widespread methods of hair removal, preferred by most women, either because of the quick-impact, either because of the pain that other methods cause is shaving.

So if you are from women who follow this way to obtain wonderful and smooth legs and not only, then you should know some simple but important secrets that will help you increase during shaving.

1. In principle, the best time to shave is in the morning, because the feet are rested sleep and have xepristei from accumulated fatigue throughout the day. Therefore, you should be aware that hair removal razor after many hours standing or walking will not have the desired effect.

2. Do not neglect exfoliate before shaving in order to protect and likely very close, which can cause burning and irritation. Making, remove all oils having the surface of your skin and dead cells that accumulated in your skin outer layer, with the result gets closer to the root of the hair, giving depth to your hair removal and increasing the during the effective shaving. You may want to make your own simple natural scrub Pre-shave following the recipe that you find here or just use a sponge. Another reason why you should exfoliate before shaving is the fact that dead cells clog the razor.

3. It is advisable to avoid shaving with soap and water, because it makes your skin more dry, so if the shaving cream is over you, make one of your own or use the conditioner on your hair, which will make your skin smooth.

4. For best results before starting soak in depth your skin remaining briefly in hot water, ie 5 to 10 minutes in order to soften your skin. But beware, do not overdo it and stay in the shower for 15-20 minutes before shaving, because then the results will not be better, since the hot water will cause swelling of your feet, the razor will not slip so easily and will your cause irritation.

5. Select a razor with multiple blades, and then gently, small and repetitive, without exerting pressure against the hair growth. Avoid fast or jerky movements that can be fatal and cause a burning sensation or itching.

6. After the hair removal, use a mild moisturizing lotion or baby oil, while it is still wet your skin, which will help the skin to absorb the moisture, giving you soft and smooth feet.

7. Finally, use soy to reduce the growth of hair and to shrink in diameter, making the words to grow at a slower pace.

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